Both Salon Blends in Melbourne and Brisbane are also the home of The Lip Lab.

The Lip Lab allows you to work with our consultant to choose, mix and apply your own shades to create a custom blend lipstick or lip gloss.

You choose your colours, flavours and finish and we make it on the spot.

The process involves heating, mixing and then cooling in our state of the art lipstick moulds.

In under 15 minutes your new custom blended lipstick is ready for you to apply.

The Lip Lab recently added BYO (Blend your own) Foundation and Concealer.

No more second guessing your foundation colour. Combing pure pigments and toners with skin enhancing ingredients we can offer you a range of liquid foundations including matte, oil free and enriched. Paraben Free.

Group bookings are welcome.

To book go to reservations.